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About Us

Shenyang LostFound (SYLF) Internet Information Consulting Service Co., Ltd.(沈阳寻么网络信息咨询服务有限公司)

寻么网是落户在沈阳的美国公司,其目的是鼓励本地文化创新,让世界了解沈阳,让沈阳走向世界。我们通过APP (手机软件), SYLF网站,DM杂志,微信、微博、脸谱网等国际性社交媒体进行传播,使全球目标人群关注寻么平台和我们合作品牌。


没有谁像寻么沈阳这样了解这个城市,因为我们生活在这里,经历着城市的发展和变化,我们能够清晰的洞见其发展的内在规律。如果您想知道关于餐饮、景点、 艺术、文化、购物和夜生活的资讯,您可以登陆寻么沈阳— 一个世界级的数字平台,优质的服务内容,连接品牌与本地商家的资讯平台。

Shenyang Lostnfound is a Consulting Company with many exciting projects in the US and China. We have created to inspires and enables people to make the most of Shenyang and greater northeast, China. Operating in WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Website, and mobile application, it has a global audience across all continents.

Mission: We bring the world to Shenyang, and Shenyang to the world!

No one knows this region like Lostnfound Shenyang because we live and grew with the city. If you want to know about food, attractions, art, culture, shopping, nightlife, jobs and business opportunities, then we are your companion to connects you and your business to the city.

Membership Benefits

Established in 2016, SYLF helps its members achieve their goals by providing a platform for them to interact with each other. Getting the brand in the right segment and market utilize the effective and general method of attracting customers.




Brand Influence 

SYLF prides itself on maintaining broad and substantial relations with the subscribers, both local and abroad. Many of our members find SYLF China to be the perfect platform through which to engage the various levels of the large international corporation and local businesses in China, helping them make their reach to the right market segment when it comes to improving the Brand Image.

The core of SYLF’s activities is our interest groups. We have various groups and forums focusing on the different type of lifestyles and special interests that span from techno to Tai-chi.

Business Development

No matter which industry you’re in, SYLF has your back.


•Member Promotional Events

•Scheduled Reports

•High-Profile Exposure to Significant Events


SYLF Membership Services 

  • Photography
  • Advertisement
  • Content – Chinese English Content Building
  • Design –  Posters, Ads, Special bar cards
  • Hosting Event
  • Consulting
  • Recruitment/HR


Membership Requirements 

  • Must have a storefront or online business model
  • Brand-focused
  • Caters to both the local and expat community
  • Become an SYLF Magazine post/magazine posting




Current Partners 

Shenyang German Sino Service Center

Peking University Northeast Alumni Association


-寻么创始人 孟嘏

Long-term Partnership:

As a valued SYLF partner, you are part of a business alliance with first-hand information within the expat and the local community. You are not alone in Shenyang. It is a growing community, let’s plan and build for a better future, a better Shenyang.

-Kevin Meng, Founder SYLF