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Author: Kevin

Job:Fitness Instructor

 One of the largest Gym franchise in Shenyang is looking for Male and Female expat fitness coaches. Visa, training, and accommodations included. Please contact us for details. Click Here For...

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Top 10 Winter Destinations In China Part I

Winter in China is also a peak season of tourism. Even though some of these destinations are very cold, different travel experiences and sublime attractions that are underestimated. The white snow covered mountains, icy and foggy adventures that are beautiful and amazing!  Now, LOSTNFOUND寻么 will take you to see the top 10 China winter destinations! Take the Hot Spring Bath on Changbai Mountain:  Among dozens of hot springs venues in Changbai Mountains, the water temperature and water quality almost remain unchanged throughout the year, mineral content is very high, there is a saying that taking a Hot spring in the...

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在Australia羊比人多 | #LOSTNFOUND寻么世界吐槽大会#

Australia! 澳大利亚 我们是一群非常非常古怪的人。如果你参考过我们的历史遗产和事实,我们确实是很忐忑。而作为一个民族我们非常自豪和骄傲,为什么?你可能会问。事实上,我们人浮于事却成为现今世界上第二人均收入最高的国家。 Read Full...

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Quest Wall | Ask Anything

This is something we’ve created to help the LOSTNFOUND寻么 community to ask questions about travel, tips, and anything else, All searchable and is saved for future reference for continuous knowledge sharing.  While keeping the board safe and clean, please ask only “legal” questions if not it will be deleted by our admin.  Please Download WeChat – and follow this...

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