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Author: Kevin

Car Blocks Fire Engine|Shenyang SR Building Fire

A large fire last night has put many Shenyang citizens on alert. So far no casualties have been reported and 298 households have all been safely transferred. Video going viral about a car owner’s dispute with the emergency react team. He claimes “the building fire has nothing to do with him”, disgruntled about moving it out of the fire engine’s path to put out the fire. Netizens replied “murderer” and hope the car owner will be held responsible for the delay  On 2 December 2019 at 9:16 PM the Shenyang Fire Rescue Detachment Command Center received an alarm call from Building 102, SR New Town, Hunnan District. The detachment has deployed 47 fire engines...

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DJ Gerard | LOSTNFOUND寻么 Community Music Director

Hello, my name is Tim Jones (Gerard). I am a Dj and producer from Tampa, Florida, USA. I have many years of Dj and production experience.  I am an international talent who is helping create the future of dance music, expanding its culture, and elevating its level of artistry. I have DJed in many clubs and venues around the United States & Asia. I have also had the opportunity to Dj festivals such as Ultra and Spirt of Sound, to name a few.  I have trained and coached many clients in djing and music production and helped them reach...

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