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Author: Doug

Shenyang Released a Sexist Blacklist

Shenyang Released a Sexist Blacklist 2017-07-19 SYLF ShenyangLostandFound For the first time ever, the Shenyang Traffic Safety department has released the name of all the female drunk drivers of the first half of 2017 as to warn the public by exposing their behavior. Out of the list, there were 38 female drivers committing serious drunk driving and 154 committed drinking under the influence. The sexist news release came as a warning to the public, and also the number of male drunk drivers were just too long to be released according to authorities. The stats shows 5000 drunk drivers were caught...

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10 Things You Can’t Do in Shenyang

1. No Motorcycles According to local regulations, no one is allowed to ride motorcycles within the third ring city limit. Since 2016, the traffic management bureau has been cracking down crouch rocketeers and hogs and could be facing criminal charges if caught. Where could you release your inner torque demons? Get out on the open road outside the third ring, within some interstates, that is if you can manage to get a motorcycle license outside of the city and register your bike through some really tight guanxi, either way, is a risky business. Find out more information about this...

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5 Strange Situations Expected in Shenyang

If you have lived in Shenyang for some time, you will find this article is especially fascinating and true. As foreigners, we never really understand the habits and way of life of the locals, as some of them could make you angry. Here is a list of strange situations and what you need to do in this case: 1. Street Paparazzi    Just imagine, you are on the subway, just sitting and waiting for your station, listening to your music and thinking about something. Suddenly, someone is snapping away your photos with their camera phones in front of your...

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