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10 Things You Can’t Do in Shenyang

10 Things You Can’t Do in Shenyang

1. No Motorcycles

According to local regulations, no one is allowed to ride motorcycles within the third ring city limit. Since 2016, the traffic management bureau has been cracking down crouch rocketeers and hogs and could be facing criminal charges if caught.

Where could you release your inner torque demons? Get out on the open road outside the third ring, within some interstates, that is if you can manage to get a motorcycle license outside of the city and register your bike through some really tight guanxi, either way, is a risky business.

Find out more information about this topic at Shenyang Harley Davidson by clicking this Link


2. Restriction on Working Outside Your Visa Status 

SYLF interviewed the office of the Foreign Expert Management Office (formerly called) which is located on 11th Floor of the 21st Century Building and was given the following information:


Shenyang Work Visa/Permit could be issued to applicants with a master degree, those with a bachelor degree need at least two years of working experiences. Internship Visa is uncommon but is only eligible to certain countries.

Student, Visitor, and all other non-working status visa holders are not permitted to work in Shenyang, not even part-time.

Work Permit holders are not allowed to work in another occupation field or agency as stated on the current working permit, if you change the job, you must report the changes.

If you have any concerns about your working eligibility please contact Ms. Chen at Shenyang Foreign Expert Management Office, Phone number 8396 2797/3649

3. You Can’t Avoid Being a Foodie

Whether is being stuck within the unsubtle smoke screen from the outdoor Chuaner (skewers or meat on a stick) in the summer time, or the penetrating aroma from street food stands to upscale restaurants. Western, exotic, and of course local favorites lineups could fill your selection every meal. Keeping following our channel to receive all sorts of goodies and offers.

4. Hard to be Sober 

From speakeasy clubs to low down beer tents, SYLF finds it the city has an amazing tolerance for alcohol consumption. Most clubs offer special discounts to expats. Please let SYLF know your favorite bars and clubs and we will make an effort to get more specials to our fans, and we will soon launch our Best of the City Awards to these special places.

5. Can’t Avoid Chinglish 

Well, although you can’t expect everyone to speak perfectly fine tuned English when you are getting your driver’s licenses renewed or expect your iced Americano is laced with two pack of sugar every time, the locals who try to communicate with you are the most friendly of people, give them a chance!

6. Can’t Avoid Second Hand Smoke 

Unfortunately, smoking is allowed in most venues, being passed along a cigarette is considered friendly. The PM 2.5 is considered the same as being outside, on most days.

7. Can’t Avoid the Weather      

Winter cold, Summer heat, is most distinctive in the city. SYLF finds this to be a special treat of being a shenyanger, watching the changes throughout the year brings a special kind of anticipation to life in general, that’s deep…

8. Endless Demand of English Teaching Jobs 

Regardless of your native language, if you speak and look the part, you could probably get a teaching position anywhere around the city. The pay is fair, but always be cautious due to the visa restrictions.

9. Never Stop Exploring 

Learn to skateboard, DJ, line dancing or make dumplings, you will never run out of things to do and people to see in this town. Stay with SYLF and we will bring the best events to you!

10. Unlimited opportunities and possibilities 

Everything from starting a designer clothing brand to opening a hookah joint, even land a big time job at a German Automobile Company, Shenyang has got you covered, everything is possible, but nothing comes easy. Be sure to check our jobs page for new opportunities.

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