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10 Ways to Celebrate July 4th | Star Spangled Shenyang

10 Ways to Celebrate July 4th | Star Spangled Shenyang

Ah, yes, the patriotic holiday of America’s birth is fast approaching. The celebratory BBQ aroma filling the air, fireworks going off in all directions, and people drinking in the streets — oh, wait. That’s just an every day Monday night during the summer in China.

Which brings up the question — how do you celebrate a holiday that is supposed to be unique for these activities only once a year when you live in a country that indulges in this holiday’s activities as a way to spend a casual evening before sleeping and heading to work as normal the next day? – Of course, you can go to the pubs, but the only difference between the drink and food specials from that on a regular night out will be that it will be decorated in red, white, and blue.

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