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5 Strange Situations Expected in Shenyang

5 Strange Situations Expected in Shenyang

If you have lived in Shenyang for some time, you will find this article is especially fascinating and true. As foreigners, we never really understand the habits and way of life of the locals, as some of them could make you angry. Here is a list of strange situations and what you need to do in this case:

1. Street Paparazzi   

Just imagine, you are on the subway, just sitting and waiting for your station, listening to your music and thinking about something. Suddenly, someone is snapping away your photos with their camera phones in front of your face.

What is it? Nothing impressive, just somebody has decided to take some pics of you. Probably, they just like you and it’s normal that some of them have never seen foreigners before and wanted to savor this magic moment in memory or share your exotic faces with their friends.

Weirdness: 88%

Solution: Enjoy! You are a star!

2. Scenic Taxi Route

Yes, every foreigner has been in this situation, when a taxi driver drives you to a not-so-far place yet for a very expensive price.

Solution: What do you need to do in this case? It depends on you and your Chinese language skills. Usually, if you can’t speak Chinese, all you can do is just pay. But if you are Chinese is not so bad you can try to find a solution. For example, a lot of foreigners are using apps like Baidu maps to look for the right way. If you can see that the driver started to cheat, you can just tell him. Honestly, he will be surprised that you can speak Chinese and can use map app, so he will definitely stop cheating you. Normally they are trying to do the trip shorter so they could take up the next patron. For a more advanced solution, use apps like UBER or DIDI to ensure timely, authentic and safe trips.

Upset Level: 95%

Solution: Bust out your mobile device with GPS function

3. Naked-belly and make-some-strange-noise people. 

This kind of Chinese people the most popular in China. Every day you can meet them. And maybe you can tolerate men’s with a naked belly in hot weather. but from time to time there are some men’s who can do some strange sounds like burp, and of course, it’s absolutely not acceptable for European people. But all that you need to understand that all of this is part of Chinese culture, they have some behavior that absolutely normal for them. You are the guest in this country and you need to respect their culture. Believe me, after some time you will use to see and hear it and will don’t mind about it.

Fashionability: 0%

Solution: Look away

4. People with flyers

Oh, those promoters! If you will go near of them you need to be ready that for 100% they will give to you some flyers, if you will go one more time they will give it to you again and again. And if you don’t take it, anyway they will go with you and will try to give it to you. Usually in the end of the day my bag full of different flyers. What do you need to do? Don’t forget, that this is their job. Company’s give them a salary for this. And every kind of job deserves some respect! It’s not so difficult for you to take it, and this man will finish his job earlier. So easy! Actually, from time to time there is some good special offers or sales. Maybe you will find something interesting on it!

Annoyingness: 70%

Solution: Just take it

5. Street-racer-delivery guys. 

More dangerous then drivers on Chinese road can be only delivery guys! This kind of workers like ants. Every time they so hurry, they are so busy. They have no time to wait for you, that’s why they just honk to you. Nothing surprising, these guys deliver hundreds or maybe thousands orders in a day. Don’t bother them, maybe in one day you will be hungry and some of this guy will deliver an order for you!

Dangerous Level: 100%

Solution: Get outta their way

We reviewed some kinds of representative of modern Shenyang. What can we say in conclusion? Perhaps, every of them creates this special Chinese atmosphere. It’s time to reject stereotypes and realize that without all of this points it’s  will be not so interesting to live in this country!

If you have more to add to the list please let us know…

Shenyang is different, don’t stop to explore it!

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