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Autumn Begins立秋 | Healthy Chinese Drinks for the Dog Days

Autumn Begins立秋 | Healthy Chinese Drinks for the Dog Days
    There’s an old Chinese saying that goes: “Dog Days are the hottest period in a year while the Sanjiu period is the coldest”. Sān fú tiān三伏天 (Dog Days) is the hottest and dampest period throughout the year. The humidity of the surface of the earth rises as summer comes and this damp earth absorbs more heat each day while very little of the moisture is emitted, so heat continues to accumulate on the surface of the earth and the days’ temperature steadily increases; then the Dog Days come and the accumulated heat reaches its peak, resulting in the hottest weather of the entire year.

The length of the Dog Days according to the Chinese Solar terms varies from year to year. This year, they are especially long with chū fú初伏 or yī fú一伏 (the beginning of the Dog Days) lasting 10 days from July 12th to July 21st, while zhōng fú中伏 or èr fú二伏 (the second period of the Dog Days) lasts for 20 days from July 22nd to August 10th and mò fú末伏 or sān fú三伏 (the end of the Dog Days) will last for 10 days from August 11th to August 20th.

Today is “Autumn begins立秋lì qiū“, but we are now in the second period of the Dog Days too. With the weather extremely hot, people may easily get sick or uncomfortable, so it is important to mind one’s health during this period, especially to clear away the impact of summer heat, toxic heat and damp heat. Today, we are going to introduce the effect and production methods of four Chinese drinks that are healthy and beneficial to drink during the Dog Day period


Sweet mung bean soup

功效 Function

Combats summer heat and detoxify

qīng rè jiě dú


材料 Ingredients

Mung beans, water, rock sugar

绿豆        水      冰糖

制作方法 Production method

1. Soak the mung beans in cool water for half an hour, then wash them.


2. Pour the mung beans and an appropriate amount water into a pot or rice cooker and boil. Usually, it takes several hours to boil mung bean soup, so it is essential you check whether there is still enough water left and pour in more water if necessary.


3. When the mung beans have boiled down to a paste, add rock sugar according to taste and continue to boil for half an hour.


4. Take the lid off the pot. Put the mung bean soup into the refrigerator to cool it down before drinking it.


Syrup of dark plum

功效 Function

Helps produce saliva and stimulates the appetite

shēng jīn kāi wèi


材料 Ingredients

dark plum 30 grams

乌梅(wū méi)30克

hawthorn 50 grams

山楂(shān zhā)50克

dried tangerine peel 15 grams

陈皮(chén pí)15克

licorice 3 grams

甘草(gān cǎo)3克

an appropriate amount of rock sugar or honey

蜂蜜(fēng mì)或冰糖(bīng táng)适量

制作方法 Production method
1. Wash the dark plums, hawthorn, dried tangerine peel and licorice


2. Soak ingredients in clean water for half an hour


3. Pour the water and ingredients into a pot, add more water and boil for 40 minutes; then scoop the water into another bowl and add extra water to boil for another 40 minutes


4. Add rock sugar, mix and bring to a boil. Filter out the residue and mix the water in the pot and the water in the bowl.


5. Add honey according to taste, you can also add dried osmanthus to make the syrup more aromatic.


Barley  soup

功效 Function

Combats dampness and lowers blood pressure

qū shī  jiàng yā


材料 Ingredients

Barley, clean water


制作方法 Production method

Wash the barley, put it into the pot or kettle, add water and boil.


Green tea

功效 Function

Combats summer heat and fight fatigue

xiāo shǔ jiě fá


材料 Ingredients


Green Tea , purified water

制作方法 Production method

Normally, the temperature of green tea ranges from 80 to 90 degrees, new tea of the year usually retains its freshness and is a better choice if you want to get a better taste.

泡茶温度一般介于80到90度之间, 为了保证绿茶的质量和清新的口感,请购买当年的新茶。

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