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Beware of Rabies During Summer

Beware of Rabies During Summer

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In Shenyang, 2000 people inoculated the rabies vaccine in June. The data from the adult outpatient clinic shows that the number of patients with rabies vaccine in June increased twice than May. There are more than 70 in average a day injected the vaccine, reaching nearly 2000 in total within a month.

Rabies is an acute infectious central nervous system disease caused by the animal virus. After bitten or scratched by disease and infected animals such as cat, dog, wolf or fox, the virus will proliferate into muscles and the ganglion cell through the skin, gradually causing death.

Lick wound is a means by which people are getting infected. Without leaving an obvious scar, people seldom pay attention to the bite or scratch. However, this is quite wrong since the virus might have already taken into the body through saliva.

Doctor reminder: Rabies virus cannot coexist with alkali. After bitten by a dog, it is recommended to wash with soap immediately for about 15 minutes. This can help sterilize and reduce the risk of inflection. But reducing risk does not mean that rabies can be completely prevented, a vaccine is also necessary after cleaning with soap. If the wound is large and deep, be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible. All citizens should avoid being bitten or scratched by animals. If injured accidentally, please go to the doctor in time, get regular treatment and vaccination, which can effectively prevent inflection.

Why did dogs become fierce in summer?

1. Hot weather. Dogs can only perspire through feet and tongues. Living in a high-temperature environment for a long period of time, dogs might become irritable and even likely to suffer heatstrokes.

2. Mosquitoes bite. Summer is the insects breeding season while all the mosquitoes, fleas and small bugs are hiding in the skin of cats and dogs. It will not only make the dogs feel itchy, but also might cause skin disease, anemia, and infectious fever. As a result, they feel uncomfortable and irrational to some degree. Please pay more attention to the cleaning job.

3. Thunder or lightning may also cause the bad emotion of animals.

How to cool dogs during summer? 

1. Buy some cooling equipment for dogs.

2. Use correct hair clipping methods.

3. Feed enough water for dogs to keep hydrated and maintain a good metabolism.

How to prevent being bitten by a dog in summer? 

For masters:

1. Try to tie the dog’s chain when going outside.

2. Try not to take your dog to places where there are a lot of children and noises.

3. Don’t let strangers tease or bully dogs.

4. If the dog’s behavior irritable, keep them away immediately.

As a passer-by:

1. Keep away from dogs and avoid too close contact.

2. Don’t play with strange dogs, especially don’t let children play or be alone with dogs.

3. When staying with dogs, don’t look them in the eye and scream.

4. Don’t shine dog’s eyes with bright light.

5. Don’t blindly use tools to drive dogs away.

6. Don’t panic and run away.

7. Don’t disturb the dogs while they are sleeping.

8. Don’t touch a strange dog.

Where to inject the vaccination?

Heping district vaccination unit: NO. 72, heping south street, Shenyang Institute of immunization and preventive medicine center.

Telephone: 23392215

Operation time: 24 hours.

Shenhe district vaccination unit: NO. 20, dongling road, The second people’s hospital.

Telephone: 88451574

Operation time: 24 hours.

Dadong district vaccination unit: NO. 120, tianhougong road,  Dadong district hospital

Telephone: 88767398

Operation time: 24 hours.

Huanggu district vaccination unit: NO. 169, kunshanzhong road, Huanggu district center hospital.

Telephone:  31857818

Operation time: 24 hours.

Tiexi district vaccination unit: NO. 38, xinghua north street, Shenyang weikang hospital.

Telephone: 85863122

Operation time: 24 hours.

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