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Black Market Diaper Recalled By Chinese App Pin Duo Duo 

Black Market Diaper Recalled By Chinese App Pin Duo Duo 


On September 15, Pinduoduo the e-commerce app has declared total recall on all diaper products in response to A pear video capture the footage on their discreet visit to two of the black diaper factories and suppliers to Pinduoduo. 

Pinduoduo U.S. stocks closed up 30 percent, with a market value of 33.2 billion U.S. dollars, surpassing Netease’s No. 6 ranking in the market value of China’s technology Internet company, 7 billion less than JD No. 5 market value. Its founder, Huang Zheng, has risen to $15.5 billion, surpassing Lei Jun, Ding Lei and other technological leaders.


However, the problem of excessive counterfeit goods is still serious. According to Pear Video, the popular children’s diapers sold in Pingduoduo are re-manufactured junk goods. They have no production date, manufacturer’s information and causes serious harm if used. These diapers are sold in the Black workshop as first-class paper diapers on a multi-purpose basis. They are not hygienically up to standard. Flies and insects are flying around. One workshop sells millions of diapers a month. Some vendors say frankly, because Pinduoduo will not be sampled this, “and Pinduoduo fully knows how bad we are, but they still do not want to eliminate us.”

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