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Brighter Beams from BMW Shenyang

Brighter Beams from BMW Shenyang

The future of BMW in Shenyang is becoming reality with Brilliance BMW Power Battery Center Project II starting up.

The 200th million domestic BMW vehicle has driven down the production line while obtaining the first automatic driving test license in China.  2018 was destined to be an extraordinary year!

In 2003, the hundred-years-old BMW came to Shenyang from Germany. After operating for over fifteen years in Shenyang, Brilliance BMW has continued to increase its capital and expand production while investment has increased from hundreds to millions of yuan, and is currently worth more than fifty-two billion yuan. The total production is more than 2 million.

In addition to the two established automobile plants, the first engine production outlet outside of Europe and the only R & D (Research and Development) center outside of the country was opened in Shenyang.

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