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Change is Inevitable | EUCC Shenyang Position Paper

Change is Inevitable | EUCC Shenyang Position Paper

The revitalization of Northeast China has attracted wide attention around the world. Ever since the central government has increased its tilt towards Northeast in terms of policies, funds, and projects, and China (Liaoning) free trade pilot zone initiatives have been acted, after many previous efforts have failed to improve Liaoning on becoming the first economically ‘negative’ growth Province in decades. Many voices from economists and local business owners have been advocating the need for change in Liaoning, however, there’s a proverb in China, “外来的和尚好念经 the monk chants better from afar”, the EUCC Shenyang position paper has really made an impact as a “direct hit” to the local bureaucratic ears, is a  business and investment intelligence report base on its members, which represents a large portion of the foreign investment group in Shenyang.

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