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Do Business Anywhere with Shenyang FTZ Virtual Business License

Do Business Anywhere with Shenyang FTZ Virtual Business License

Do Business Anywhere with Shenyang FTZ Virtual Business License 

The virtual business license initiative from Shenyang Free Trade Zone is to help startups to do business more efficient and cost-effective. To open a business, a physical location is often required, but to boost the local economy and motivate startups, Shenyang Government has approved FTZ to lease a virtual location for small businesses to register.  

“Virtual licensing is one of the best ways to start your business. Without having a physical location, you could do your business anywhere, and having no-costs to rent. It is ideally for small startups such as online businesses, consulting companies, and representative agencies.” 

What are the requirements of Virtual licenses?

First, all startup businesses require submission of your business plan and are reviewed by the Shenyang Free Trade Zone International incubator. 

Second, you would need a valid business title to make sure the name has not taken. 

Finally, approval from the Shenyang FTZ committee, you can begin the registration process. 

What is the cost of a Virtual License?

For a limited time, the cost of the virtual location registration is free at the Shenyang FTZ. However, the management organization of the virtual licenses will conduct a review of the business annually, and most likely will incur a small cost in the future. 

Contact US @ Shenyang Free Trade Zone International Startup HQ – We are an organization to help expats to start their business journey. Services including zero start DIY registration, investment partners, shared workspace, and more. 

Wechat: lostnfound2016
Tel: 185-4015-7263Email: info@shenyanglostnfound.comAddress: Shenyang Hunnan Wanda Business Plaza, A5-37th Floor

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