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Don’t Drink After Taking These Meds

Don’t Drink After Taking These Meds

There is a saying that “Don’t drink after taking medicine, Don’t take medicine after drinking.” But most of the people never take it seriously. Here is a real case.

Last month, one of my colleagues went to a dinner party after taking the cold medicine. After that, he felt extreme discomfort and breathed shortly. So he was sent to the hospital by 120 immediately and finally sobered after a whole night rescue. Since that he completely quit drinking. Strictly speaking, as long as the medicine is taken,  it is not suitable for drinking in the first or second day.

There are several kinds of drugs, which have the fatal reaction to alcohol.

1. Cephalosporins

Cephalosporin + wine = poison

2. Sedative-hypnotic drugs

Sleeping pills + wine = killing oneself

3. Antipyretic analgesics

Painkillers + wine = hemorrhage of digestive tract

4. Reserpine, anticancer agent, isoniazid and other drugs

Antihypertensive drugs + wine = hypotensive shock

5. Hypoglycemic agents

Hypoglycemic drugs + wine = hypoglycemia shock

6. Antidepressant

Antidepressant + wine = aggravate the condition and increase the blood pressure

7. The treatment of arthritis drugs

Treatment of arthritis drugs + wine = cause gastric ulcer and liver injury

Please be careful when drinking or taking medicine.

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