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Getting Fired Was The Best Thing Ever Happened To Me

Getting Fired Was The Best Thing Ever Happened To Me

“Today is going to be your last day. We no longer require your services.”

At the moment these words assaulted my ears, all air escaped my body, my heartbeat intensified, my legs started shaking, and my mind went into overdrive. My brain struggled to determine what was more important; maintaining my physical functions or dealing with the overload of emotions and panicking thoughts.

What am I going to do? Of course, the answers didn’t come before I was asked to leave the premises. 10 years of working for this organization and the last thing I could remember was standing outside of the building waiting for all my thing to be delivered in a box.

My house was five minutes away, but it was the longest drive of my life. I slowly swung open the door, defeated and demoralized, terrified of how to deliver the day’s news. I smiled, attempting to be strong, and walked right into my kitchen where my family was ready for me. That was probably one of the worst days of my life.

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