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Grabbing Gruel | Lunch Ladies Without Ladles

Grabbing Gruel | Lunch Ladies Without Ladles

At approximately 10:40 AM on June 4th, a dining car stopped at the front gate of Dalian Xingwen Primary School to deliver lunches to students on campus.

Someone saw an alarming incident that could lead to contamination of the food and took a video to record what had happened.

A woman wearing an apron that appeared to be working for the school proceeded to take her hand, sans gloves, into the pail and ate the food directly.

The other witnesses, a fellow waitress, and a security guard said nothing and did not try to stop her in this process.

The reporter was aware that the photographer was a parent of a student attending the school and reported this incident in video form.

Again, this was taken around 10:40 AM on June 4th, in front of Shahekou District Xingwen Primary School.

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