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Made In Shenyang | Bawangsi Soda 八王寺汽水

Made In Shenyang | Bawangsi Soda 八王寺汽水

Bawangsi soda was only 11 cents each bottle in the 1970s. Living near a soda factory has brought the people of Shenyang much joy and happiness. The terrain near the Bawangsi area is very low, which had a poor drainage early years. It would keep a lot of water around bawangsi when it rains. The children will ride on a wooden stake and float happily.  “I remember growing up hearing the crisp sound of moving soda bottles every morning and evening, I would hear assistants in the store move in tanks of soda, making loud noises. But anyway I am accustomed to it and never feel it bothered me. It became part of my life, actually.” The citizen said. Since the supply of Bawangsi soda is not adequate as to the demand, every store is limited to sell 3-4 boxes each day. The funniest thing is that the Bawangsi soda contains a lot of carbonation. Hold the bottle, shake few times, loosen the fingers up, it could shoot about 3 to 4 meters away.

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