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Rising Flu Strain Shenyang | 沈阳已监测到流感毒株

Rising Flu Strain Shenyang | 沈阳已监测到流感毒株

Winter is flu virus active period, is the season of high incidence of seasonal influenza and other respiratory infectious diseases, according to data from the monitoring of influenza in Shenyang City, the recent influenza-like cases in Shenyang city gradually increased, the CDC has detected category A3 and B influenza virus, CDC reminds the public to a healthy lifestyle, and actively prevention of influenza.

Moreover, with the advent of new year’s day and Spring Festival, people will have more opportunities to meet each other, such as shopping, parties, and meals. The epidemic intensity of influenza will also increase in the near future. Therefore, the city CDC suggests that citizens should prepare for influenza prevention, pay attention to personal hygiene, avoid crowded places and keep indoor air circulation. Once there is fever, cough and other respiratory symptoms should seek treatments in time.

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