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Shenyang Awards 100 Million RMB to Innovative Start-ups

Shenyang Awards 100 Million RMB to Innovative Start-ups

Shenyang Awards 100 Million RMB to Innovative Start-ups

2017-09-14 SYLF ShenyangLostandFound

On September 12, the city of Shenyang has issued “Policies on Establishing Shenyang innovation and Start-up”, it plans to invest more than 10 billion RMB, greatly enhance the attraction of top talent and cohesive innovative force, creating new heights to introduce talents, fostering growth, and retention of qualified personnel. For those among the best projects, the city will offer a maximum grant of 100 Million RMB.

The next five years, Shenyang will focus on traditional industries, strategic emerging industries, and the introduction of the top, outstanding, leading talents, and highly capable teams with innovative start-up projects, and given a subsidy from 500 thousand RMB to 30 million RMB for top projects, and major projects, up to 100 million RMB.

The government will support all types of employers and invest in 1000 overseas high-level talents, and 5000 returned overseas students. Supporting innovative start-up projects, for doctorate students, 150 thousand RMB living allowance can be applied. Foreign talents who has declared innovation start-ups, scientific and technical projects will not be subjected to restrictions of nationality, status or other conditions, they are entitled to the same policies and benefits.

For the first time, measures have been put into effect to promote students to stay in Shenyang. Over the next five years, 700 thousand graduates will be attracted and be employed in Shenyang…… Graduates of colleges and universities will have “zero thresholds” to be settled here, full-time undergraduate or higher college graduates with a residence permit, ID cards, diplomas, can apply for settlement procedures. For enterprises and institutions to employ full-time graduate students are given up to 3 years of 1000 RMB to 2000 RMB  monthly funding. For newly settled and working graduate students, master and undergraduate graduates, upon first-time purchase of commodity housing, respectively, are given 60 thousand RMB, 30 thousand RMB and 10 thousand RMB purchase subsidies. First-time full-time doctoral graduates, graduates, and undergraduates who are working and starting-up a business without owning private housing, a monthly 800 RMB, 400 RMB and 200 RMB are provided accordingly, up to 3 years for rent subsidies. The city will also coordinate the development of 1000 fundamental public service posts for the employment of ordinary college graduates.

Source: Northeast News Network, the web

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