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Shenyang Free Trade Zone 3rd Anniversary Press Release

Shenyang Free Trade Zone 3rd Anniversary Press Release

On the afternoon of April 9, the Information Office of the Liaoning Provincial Government held a press conference to introduce the third anniversary of the opening of the China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone. 

Wang Jingming, Deputy Director-General of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce, said at a press conference that Price Waterhouse Coopers, an internationally renowned third-party evaluation agency, confirmed that the 123 pilot tasks entrusted to Liaoning Free Trade Experimental Zone by the national overall plan, including 78 items set by the central government and 45 set by local government, have all been completed so far, with a completion rate of 100% and the task completion rate ranking first in the country. Of the 123 tasks, 89, accounting for 72% of the total, were particularly effective. 

In the past three years, the number of enterprises in Liaoning Free Trade Experimental Zone has increased from 12,000 to 58,000, with additionally registered capital of 698.7 billion yuan. Up to now, 217 foreign-funded enterprises in Northeast Asia have settled in our province’s free trade zone. In 2019, the fiscal revenue of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone will be 3.3 times that before its establishment, the total import and export volume will be 1.7 times that before its establishment, the investment in fixed assets will be 3 times that before its establishment, and the number of financial institutions will be 55 times that before its establishment. The next step will be to study and put forward the implementation plan for further deepening the reform and opening up in the FTZ. In 2020, two more batches of not less than 40 reform and innovation experiences will be introduced. We will promote the decentralization of provincial economic management authority and strive to gradually reach the provincial level without approval. Through system innovation, optimize enterprise services, reduce enterprise operating costs and improve the operating rate of newly registered enterprises. 

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