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Shenyang GDP Relying on Numbers of Babies and Expats

Shenyang GDP Relying on Numbers of Babies and Expats

September 15, Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Statistics, and the National Bureau of Statistics Shenyang team has released the report for 2016 Shenyang economic and social development statistics bulletin.


Shenyang recently has launched programs and policies to attract and retain high-level talent, special services including expediated children education admission, health care, spouse work placement, foreign high-level talents services, patent application, company registration, business advisory services, investment advisory services and other business services.

From 2014 ~ 2016, the number of foreign talents was 3,018 people, 3,120 people, 3,343 people, respectively. In the first half of 2017, it has reached 2045 people, compared with first half 2016, the growth was 22%. The data show that the number of foreign talent has a general growth, and this year has shown rapid growth. Shenyang is rank in mid-high when compared to the number of foreign talents and growth rate with top 15 sub-provincial cities in China.


In 2016 Shenyang birth rate was 9.48 ‰, compared with the previous year the increase was 2.78 thousand points. According to the resident population, the equivalent of 78,600 newborns last year, an increase of about 23,1000 over the previous year.


“January 2016, Shenyang implemented the comprehensive two-child policy, last year, Shenyang, the relevant departments have registered 17,000 cases of second childbirth”

In 2016, Shenyang Women Outnumber Men by 88,000

By the end of 2016, the city’s resident population is 8.292 million, an increase of 0.01% over the previous year. The Registered population is 7.344 million, an increase of 0.55%, of which the male population of 3.628 million, the female population of 3.716 million people. The female population is 88,000 more than the male population.

In 2016, the birth rate was 9.48 per thousand, an increase of 2.78 per thousand over the previous year. According to the city’s resident population of 8.292 million projections, 78,600 were newborns, the number of newborns increased by about 23,100 over the previous year. Birth population sex ratio is 105.8, that is, every 100 girls born, there will be born nearly 106 boys. Annual population mortality rate of 8.30 ‰, an increase of 0.02 points. The natural population growth rate is 1.18 ‰.

The Average Contribution to Shenyang GDP per person is 65,851 RMB

According to the preliminary accounting, the gross domestic product (GDP) of Shenyang has reached 546 billion RMB in 2016, the primary industry contributed 26.64 billion RMB, the proportion of GDP was 4.9%, the added value of the secondary industry was 213.56 billion RMB, accounting for 39.1%. The third industry added the value of 305.8 billion RMB, accounting for 56.0%.

According to the resident population, the per capita GDP is 65,851 yuan, equivalent to the average person has made 65851 yuan contribution to the GDP of Shenyang.

*The primary industry refers to the industries that provide the production of materials and materials, including the planting, forestry, animal husbandry, aquaculture, and other production sectors directly targeted at natural objects.Second industry refers to the processing industry, using basic production materials and materials for processing and sale. The third industry refers to other industries other than the first and second industries. Third industry including transportation, communications, business, catering, finance, insurance, administration, family services, and other non-productive sectors.

Shenyang New Commercial Housing Grew 1.3%

Last year, the city’s fixed assets investment was 163.16 billion RMB, of which 70.17 billion RMB was invested in real estate development. Last year, housing construction area of 70,581,000 square meters, the completion of housing area of 9,032,000 square meters, of which residential of 8,010,000 square meters. Commercial sales area of 11,843,000 square meters, of which residential sales area of 10,994,000 square meters; commercial housing sales of 84.42 billion RMB, of which 75.17 billion RMB of commercial housing sales. The communique shows that in 2016 Shenyang city new commercial housing prices rose 1.3%.

Annual Increase of 220,000 Privately Owned Cars

“Annual Report” shows that end of last year, the city’s private car ownership of 1.88 million, an increase of 14.3% over the previous year. Among them, the passenger car 1.691 million and 17,800 trucks. Private car ownership of 1.576 million, an increase of 16.4%, compared with last year, an increase of 220,000 new private cars, almost 602 cars increased per day.

18 New Direct International Flights 

Shenyang offers direct flight to 26 international cities and 79 domestic cities (regions) navigation. Last year, Shenyang opened 18 new international and domestic routes, Shenyang airport routes reached 189, of which 34 international routes, domestic routes 155; civil aviation transport aircraft take off and landing 114,000 vehicles, an increase of 15.8%; airport passenger throughput of 14.967 million passengers, growth 18.0%.

Source: Liaoshen Evening News and the Web


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