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Shenyang Moment | Money Raised To Send Sadia’s Body Home

Shenyang Moment | Money Raised To Send Sadia’s Body Home

There’s a famous proverb. “Helping others is a virtue and also a sign of personality sublimation. ” Here is a true and heartwarming story recently happened in Shenyang. 

An international student Sadia Jafar, in her fourth year at CMU tragically passed away a few days ago, shocking a lot of foreign students in Shenyang. A team of kind-hearted foreign students at CMU organized donation on wechat in order to help to transport Sadia’s body back to her own country.

I interviewed this nice person. He is also a foreign student from CMU. Let’s see what he said about this kind of behavior.

“She’s my schoolmate and I am so sad about her when I first got the bad news. The astonishment still hasn’t completely gone yet. However, the cost of transportation of her body back to her country is very high, hence I asked all my friends and classmates to donate, hoping this could help her family out. I consider no amount is too small and I just want to help her with all my efforts.” The kind international student said.

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