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The Old and New Shenyang

The Old and New Shenyang

Old and New Shenyang

Time flies! There are always some memories we cherish in our hearts. Unforgettable warm moments you will never forget. Today, while reminiscing, think of the changes in our city between 1998 and our present year of the dog, 2018.

Take a look at the full view of Shenyang as of 1998. At the time, Shenyang had already become a sub-provincial city and Faku and Kangping counties had been classified under its jurisdiction.

In 1998, Liaoning Provincial People’s Government revoked the Xinchengzi District village to set up Cailuo town. Over the past twenty years, the Shenyang Economic and Technological Zone has been incorporated into the Tiexi region, as well as the new Shenbei area and Dongling district. Currently, Shenyang contains over ten municipal districts, one county-level city, and two counties. The second ring road has now evolved into our city center arena.

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