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WHAT WOULD YOU DO Shenyang Zombie Outbreak

WHAT WOULD YOU DO Shenyang Zombie Outbreak

There’s one thing hot water can’t cure — a bite from the walking dead.

We’ve all been addicted to one of the series, movies, or books whether it be World War Z, The Walking Dead, or Twilight. (We won’t judge.)

Well, maybe a little.

Imagine it’s your normal weekday in Shenyang. You are teaching in your Kindergarten, at your office, in the bus or in a taxi, resting in your flat, or in a restaurant on your day off enjoying a light lunch and a book.

All of a sudden you hear a blood-curdling scream.

You look out from wherever you are and see what you have seen a million times in the movies. A woman is being attacked by what looks like a human in the distance eating her flesh from her neck as blood spurts from her jugular in every direction. The “human” look up for a second and the scene makes your heart start beating like you are running a marathon. Glossy white eyes, rigor mortis twitches, and a missing patch of flesh from what was most likely a middle-aged man’s arm with blood dripping from “his” lips. The woman immediately starts twitching in seizure-like motions and foaming from the mouth before becoming still for a second. She then starts to stoop forward and raises herself to her feet as she staggers around sniffing the air.

There is a young couple hiding in the bushes and the girl squeals in horror which alerts both of these creatures. They start growling and racing at their new prey as fast as they can in the couple’s direction. The boy caught in fear is stagnant as the girl tries to grab his hand to run, but it’s too late. The two creatures have already started their new feast. The girl runs as fast as she can in the opposite direction and is soon out of your sight.

As disbelief starts to recede, it hits you.

You are in the middle of a Zombie outbreak in Shenyang, China.


The first step is obviously to find a temporary safe spot before securing a long-term plan. The reality of the situation is if you are any place in China, you are probably in the worst country in the world population wise to be in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse. The density and population size alone put your odds at the very bottom. Also, with firearms being illegal, this is actually a disadvantage in this survival situation assuming you know how to shoot a gun. Temporary or long-term options for a base in Shenyang are limited and need to be thought through.


While food supplies and possible weapons are available, Tesco and Carrefour offer limited security and an open area for the undead to invade with little to no chances of escape if taken

over. Not to mention the possible manifestation of zombie customers or employees that might already inhabit the otherwise supply paradise. If going in to secure the location, it is recommended to bring a crew with a secured plan in place and a plethora of weapons ready to use.


Let’s face it — this is probably one of the most secure places to go. If you are let in. Security is available, but there is a risk that it is probably already on lockdown. If it has already been infected, options are limited in the area. In this situation, your best bet is to run to one of the local pubs down the road. At least there will be food and something to have the last toast with if necessary.


This could be your best bet for a short-term location to plan your next move. Sometimes waiting is the best option in order to the assess the damage before moving again. Especially if you live on a floor that is high enough to look out on the streets below to gauge the action in the area. If you have any friends or neighbors in the area, assuming they aren’t infected yet, use your cell phone or internet as long as possible to try to connect to let them know where you are before you are cut off with your own thoughts and survival strategies.


This is a toss-up as to whether it could be in your benefit or to your detriment as a safe place. In the right shop when secured, this could be a short-term haven with lots of supplies within spurting distance to pack up for the long haul plan. However, you could become an easy target for brain-eating mongrels with lots of corners to get stuck in. It’s a toss of the coin, my friends.

These are just a few of the short-term options for survival bases. It’s amazing how creativity will kick in when the fight and flight instinct is flowing through your veins!


As we all know, the brain is the key target for disabling a zombie. Which weapons we have depended on the environment around us at the time of the outbreak. Take a breath and look around you at what could possibly penetrate that nerve system. Focus and see if you can find these simple items.


A chopstick thrust hard enough through the eye is sure to hit the nerves necessary to disable your bloodthirsty opponent. The risk is having to get close enough for the follow through without being disabled by the undead before the attack commences. Pencils and pens are also quite effective.


Assuming it is rainy season during your Apocalypse, an umbrella could be used for either eye stabbing or as a shield when opened to make it to the nearest exit.


Similar to the most of these methods, simply open the scissors with enough distance to penetrate both eyes with one swift punch to the face. Even if this doesn’t reach the nerves necessary to “kill” your zombie, it will at least buy you some time to run to a more secure location.


This effective method also requires other skills that include keeping the undead at a distance so as not to get bitten and then to use the weight to bash the brain. This is only recommended for those familiar in self-defense already. If all else fails, overturn chairs, tables, anything in sight to create an obstacle for the undead to have to overcome to reach your delicious flesh.

The demographics of survival based on the profession is probably something that should be taken into consideration.

For instance, if you are a government worker already in the Embassy, you are most likely to survive and going to be the first that the military will attempt to rescue. Your chances are pretty high.

If you are an office worker or business person, your chances are a bit more iffy, but fairly likely as long as the workplace is secure in time before anyone bites.

If you are a teacher, run. Run as fast as you can. You know how fast those kids can run — now imagine them as rabid monsters.

Same goes for students. If you haven’t bite, hide and get somewhere secure fast.

While a Zombie Apocalypse is unlikely to happen in the near future, thinking about the “what ifs” is key, and we care about our city and every brain that inhabits it. Stay prepared, Shenyang!

By Cailin Meyer

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