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White Privilege | White and Still Never Fit In

White Privilege | White and Still Never Fit In

White Privilege – White and Still Never Fit In

While I was editing the article pertaining to the trends of being white or tan, a lot of things came up to the surface. Mostly my experiences and memories, both personal and through business, and the first one that came to mind were when I first started coming here to China.

After I made my commitment to China, I started coming here three months and then going back to the States to work for three months. Three months in Asia and then three months in the U.S. was a bit rough, both mentally and physically, but I was passionate and was willing to sacrifice that so that I could create the life I have always wanted, even if I didn’t know exactly what that was yet. Give me a break — I was young and still steaming off of passion.

On a side note, I still am young at and rocking it. Shout out to my parents for these genes.

I remember thinking it was funny at the time, and I still do, but the thing that would make me laugh so hard was the difference when I was traveling in between Asia and the States that people would point out was how white my skin was. In the United States, people would tell me to take more Vitamin C, while in my Eastern home I would be praised for my translucent beauty. Every three months, there was a very sudden shift in beauty and health standards that I slowly grew accustomed to.

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