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Wild Waves Shenyang

Wild Waves Shenyang

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The rustic water cave is a tourist attractions that integrates leisure activities, beautiful sightseeing, and various entertainment for locals and visitors.

There are many popular scenic spots to visit such as the statue of Guanyin cave, the Beacon tower and windmill, Longshan academy, and local activities that include an archery field and racecourse.

This water cave is so attractive because it is the tree of three branches of caves that have been discovered which include the Zangjun, Guanyin, and Tangwang caves.

The cave itself was found hidden in a valley with stones covering the forest entrance between the grass.

The cave is open and bright, but also cool and pleasant with silver waterfalls surrounding this rabbit hole of a strange land. There are cave entrances which could lead to new chambers, all attached to each other.

Peace and adventure meet together in this experience as reality turns into a fairyland.

Eighteen vivid and distinctive groups of statues in colored lights create more magic and remind us that this is one of the best places to go sightseeing.

Being praised from all areas, both locally in Shenyang and Liaoning province, as well as abroad, the unique atmosphere has brought in people from an assorted amount of regions to view a scenery that depicts Shenyang from its history, present, and future.

It is especially worth visiting by boat to see the scoping nature and cultural landscape as it continually develops.

It is a tourist attraction combines natural and human resorts.

Baiqing village, Sujiatun district is the key spot for locating the Shenyang water cave that represents an important part of this golden forest in our city.

It is recommended to visit in Summer when everything is shining in its fullest to enjoy this kind of chance to reminisce in all progresses of Shenyang and its beauty.

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