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宠物名牌社区 The Tag Society

宠物名牌社区 The Tag Society

As responsible pet owners, we strive to give our pets the best care possible. Love, attention, good food, a soft bed, and the best vet care.


Losing a pet is a thought that rarely crosses our mind. “It could never happen to me..,….could it?”. Yes, it could. According to ‘A pet is lost every 7 seconds.’ Which means by the time you’ve finished reading this, another pet has gone missing.


Your pet needs to be protected. If you love him, you leash and tag him. And of course, cats can be tagged too!


Do you already have a tag? GREAT! Send us a picture. Make YOUR pet a tag ambassador. Your pet will appear in our photo gallery, and may even appear as “model of the week”, just like Babba and Mog.


Show the world you love your pet!

To submit your pictures, scan the QR code to get your invite!

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