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12.31 | New Year’s day Auspicious Bell @Huangsi

12.31 | New Year’s day Auspicious Bell @Huangsi



21:00 燃万盏长明灯供养三世诸佛,以光明相映现琉璃刹土。

22:20 皇寺僧伽于大殿念诵佛经,祈愿新年诸事如意,自在顺遂,以此功德,回向十方。

23:00 随皇寺僧伽绕寺经行,以表虔诚信仰和不辍正行。

00:00 善信檀越撞吉祥钟,祈愿日月清明、崇德兴仁、物阜民丰;而后移步斋堂,品尝捏福水饺,法会圆满!

皇寺地址:沈阳市和平区皇寺路206号 。

Welcoming new year’s day and hitting the auspicious bell

Huangsi imperial temple will hold an auspicious bell bash meeting in order to pray for the prosperity and farewell of Shenyang people. The meeting will start at 9 PM on time.

At 21:00: Light thousands of long bright lamps

At 22:00: Recite sutras and pray for everything will go well.

At 23:00: Walk around the Imperial temple to show your belief and sincerity.

At 00:00: Hit the bell, taste the blessing boiled dumplings and wish all good luck.

Address: Huangsi Road NO. 206, Heping district.


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