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First TEDx Event In Shenyang | Ideas Worth Spreading

First TEDx Event In Shenyang | Ideas Worth Spreading

TED2018 「AGE OF AMAZEMENT」ended on April 14th in Vancouver, Canada. The conference lasted for four and half days, with 119 speeches and 106 speakers on topics like technology, science, art, and humanity. From them, TED2018 offered us a window to peep at the key to propelling the future forward.

We selected 7 amazing speeches and invited 6 distinguished guests from different fields to have dialogues. These thinkers will inspire us through their opinions, driving us to think what matters most in this amazing age of surprises.

We would like to invite you to join TEDxYouth @ShengjingRoad on the first day of Labor Day break to seek and to find this marvelous future.

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