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Lockon’s City Art Exhibition @1905

Lockon’s City Art Exhibition @1905

【 About the Exhibition-展览详情 】
▲ 1905 ART SPACE:洛克之城|罗凯鹏个展
▲ Artist 艺术家:罗凯鹏
▲ Curator 策展人:刘莎莎
▲ Organizer 主办方:1905文化创意园
▲ Duration 展览日期:2018/03/03-2018/04/01
▲ For More Information 咨询电话:13998283057
▲ Venue 展览地点:1905艺术空间,沈阳市铁西区兴华北街8号
(Tiexi District, Xinghua North Street No.8)

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