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LOSTNFOUND寻么 Project X | 寻么世界

LOSTNFOUND寻么 Project X | 寻么世界

Join the global community with some of the most interesting people on earth, together we will change the world!


Created By:

Kevin Meng 孟嘏 Founder & CEO 

Mini Program Team: Jeff (RIP) + Chong Zi Lansi Tech

LostnFound寻么 Team + Community

What could LEAD do for your startup project?

Get your project jump-started by constructing solid business plans and profit models

Get physically and mentally ready for all future battles

Get teamed up with our best IT, marketing, designer and business professionals 

Get trained by elite and successful leaders such as CEOs, Peking University Alumni, Government officers, and various great talents

Get ready for investors and kick butt in startup competitions







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2019.5.17 沈阳自贸区LEAD创业挑战赛 | LEAD Startup Challenge @Shenyang FTZ

北大国际学员感受USMC训练 | LEAD Origin

LEAD 团队经历简述

LEAD创始人 | 美国部队里东北小伙的青春励志剧

爱莎脏辫 | 青年创业项目

LEAD is Sponsored by: 

LostnFound寻么 | Shenyang Free Trade Zone | Shenyang Transformation International School | Shenyang Agricultural Bank | China Youth League of Shenyang | 1/8 Pizzeria | National School of Development at Peking University Northeast Alumni Association | Peking University Shenyang Alumni Association | Alfa Romeo Motors | Shenyang Tourism Bureau | Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau | Widelink | LIANSI Tech | Tianxiang Design | Dream Home Orphanage | Second Chance for Dogs Animal Shelter | Le Basque | ANHE | One Full | UCAN Group | Cool Paul Group | Bank of China | KOTRA | Taiwan Startup Group | HIIWAY Lawfirm | ZHAODAKA | STARTUP GRIND GLOBAL

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