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Shenyang’s New and Strict Traffic Regulations

Shenyang’s New and Strict Traffic Regulations

Recently, many Shenyang drivers have been fined for honking their horns within the second ring road. Currently, the Shenyang is enforcing the traffic regulations. Just as the drivers were starting to learn how to give courtesy to pedestrians without getting fined or lose points, the new rule comes down to prohibit horn honking within the second ring road of Shenyang, for those who violated the regulations they will be fined 50 yuan.

Under this new regulation, many drivers had the fluke mind that they won’t get caught without honking the horn in front of the police. Wrong! From this moment, the police will carry out a special action of centralized regulation towards illegal traffic noises all around the city, in order to completely solve the traffic noise pollution problem. This is the first time for the police to put forward the “sonar electronic police”, using the source location and video inspection of the sonar detection to capture the illegal vehicles and record into the monitor system in real-time.

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