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Top 6 Supernatural Events in Shenyang

Top 6 Supernatural Events in Shenyang

Please don’t read the following article if you have anxiety, heart problem, or alone!!! In the spirit of Halloween, SYLF’s favorite holiday, let’s take a look at some unbelievable supernatural events in Shenyang together!


No. 1  Wen Guan Tun Crematorium 

Wen Guan Tun Crematorium is located in the Northern part of Shenyang, besides the East Machinery Arsenal. It seems that the crematorium has already been built before liberation. As the name implied, Wen Guan Tun Crematorium is the place to cremate corpse, which is filled with the greater “Yinqi”(dark spirits)as well as spreading many horrible stories. Here is a real tale: Shenyang City radio station broadcast a “driver anecdotes” with real stories. Since the main audience is all taxi drivers, with a large number of audience and the story spread quickly through the whole city.

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