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Best Secret Islands of Liaoning Part II

Best Secret Islands of Liaoning Part II

Nine Islands of the Sea King 


The nine islands of the Sea King are located at the North East end of Changshan island in Changhai Province, approximately 15 miles north from Zhuang He, which are about 60 miles East to Yalu River Estuary. Rumors and reviews have it that this is one of the most splendid scenic spots in the Changshan Islands. This scenic spot is composed of six small islands, with legendary islands referred to as The Great Sea King, Small Sea King, Thin Dragon, The Treasure, The Turtle, The Well Frog, and The Elephant. This area speaks for itself visually with the exquisite scenery and history with its colorful erosion and rainbow of petrology. The visual exhibition of marine erosion and landforms are with visiting alone.  Tickets: 70 Yuan (RMB)

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