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Crazy New Cruisin’- Shenyang’s Spankin’ Cruise Lines

Crazy New Cruisin’- Shenyang’s Spankin’ Cruise Lines

The new shipping route of Shenyang Hunhe river connects with numerous scenic snapshots that capture the city.

Recently, four new cruise routes just opened, becoming a fantasy to get to know our vast city’s landscape.

Boating in Shenyang Hunhe river and viewing the panoramic view on both sides of the bank is appealing to both locals and visitors. Relaxing by the sparkling river and lush trees enhances the peace of hearing the clear sound of the water trickling by, the cool breeze blowing past, and the quiet atmosphere that space entails.

Hunhe river was once Shenyang’s gold transport line, dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasty. In present-day public surroundings, tourists from all over the country make the quiet river lively in their own ways.

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