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Lotus Mandarin Center

Lotus Mandarin Center

“Speak as Graceful as Lotus”

Lotus Mandarin Center is specialized in teaching Chinese Mandarin Language and Culture for foreigners in Shenyang since 2012. Guiding Chinese learners into confiding the self-expression stage in different scenes and occupations, further their understanding of Chinese structures, grammars, and context.

Patrons claim that not only they have received amble knowledge and skills of the Chinese language from Lotus Mandarin Center, that offers the tailor-made course, events, tours, and gain friendship along the ride.


The International-Cultural Exchange Club organized by Lotus Mandarin Center which has held many events for West-East cultural communication and Language Salon, such like Chinese art class, picking strawberries and grapes in the countryside, Deserted Trip, BBQ party and more.

Lotus provides curriculum such as Survival Chinese Course, Chinese Characters Course, HSK Course, Advance Chinese Course and Business Chinese Course. As of now, the passing rate of HSK examination at Lotus Mandarin Center is 100%.

All faculty staff of at Lotus Mandarin Center have obtained the International Chinese languages teacher certificate issued by Confucius Institute of teaching qualification, as well as experiences in creative methods and teaching resources.

Students come from BMW, FAW-Volkswagen, Magna Steyr, France Consulate, Sekisui, Malo Clinic, Best-Learning, Education-First, Michelin, Dongbei University, Liaoning University, Shenyang Aerospace University, Shenyang Polytechnics University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University.

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