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Shenyang Haunted History | Mysterious Legends about Huanggu Tun

Shenyang Haunted History | Mysterious Legends about Huanggu Tun

Huanggu Tun is an influential place that reflects the history of Shenyang and modern China. Located in the western area of old Shenyang, Huanggu Tun is approximately 10 miles from the heart of the city.

The famous General Zhang Zuolin died in this area and is said to this day to still haunt the cemetery, currently known as the “Huang gu fen” legend.

This Chinese Emperor formerly known as the “Small Huanggui Tun”, now recognized as Huangpu Tun, reigned during the Qing Dynasty. During this epic period of history, Emperor Guang Xu built the Shenyang-Beijing railway, which included a gateway to the Huanggu Tun exit.

As history is told, in 1912, the Huanggui Tun Station would magically suddenly appear. If anyone has read the Harry Potter series, it is basically trying to jump into the “invisible” train carriage by going through a wall to the magical:

On June 4th, 1928, by the Sandong Bridge, between the Shenyang — Beijing railway and the South Manchuria railway intersection, Zhang Zuolin was killed in a train accident and created shocking media news.

The origin of the “Huanggu Grave” comes from seven different versions in the “Shenyang Huanggu Data Book”. These legends have been traced over several newspapers and media outlets for years with multiple sources.

Many rumors have been spread from our historic past — readers will have to decide what to believe.

Here are a handful of stories that are still spreading about the past lives of our city.

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