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Shenyang Haunted Location #1

Shenyang Haunted Location #1

Do Not Enter! ATT: Please don’t read the following article if you have anxiety, heart problem, under the age of 18, and alone!!!

Shenyang’s most haunted Location!!!

The infamous Shenyang ghost building on the Liao Shen Road is well-known only to the local old-timers. Located next to the Tiexi Wanda Plaza and built around the 70s in a matchbox type of residential buildings. It has a strong magnetic field and everything about it has peoples’ faces quickly turned.

CCTVs’ show named “Exploration and Discovery” had come to interview, and broadcast as rumors and so on. According to local residents, every night the sound of wail like ghosts and howl like wolves. Those who lived inside, claims that they find themselves lying on the ground every morning. Once, a squad of armed police had slept inside, and the second day, they were all found sleeping on the ground!

The original police station has been vacated due to believes that they could not contain its evil. There are two versions of its root, one is that the land used to be Earth Temple, during the cultural revolution, it was demolished; the other story involves dogging up a coffin with a white haired woman……


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