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Shenyang: Top 3 Spending Power in China

Shenyang:  Top 3 Spending Power in China

Chinese tourists are likely to have traveled and spent at record levels over the country’s week-long National Day holiday, records from Ctrip has recorded over 700 million people has traveled inside China and over 6 million who travel outside China just last week…




After National Day, the list of cities who are most willing to spend money has ranked Shenyang people on the third place along with Shanghai and Beijing.

Recently, the China Tourism Research Institute, Ctrip Travel and China Jingwei Research Institute officially issued the “2017 national day tourism trends report”.

Data show that the consumer power forecast list:

Shanghai leads the country, with an average per capita consumption of 7061 yuan

Beijing ranked second, per capita consumption of 7033 yuan

Shenyang ranked third, per capita consumption of 5652 yuan

Guangzhou ranked fourth, per capita consumption of 5122 yuan


So, where the Chinese prefer to travel?

According to Ctrip Travel with the group, free travel products statistics show that 59% of the tourists choose domestic tourism, 41% choose outbound travel.

20% go to Thailand, the highest popularity

Almost 0% went to Korea…

Tourism revenue growth over GDP, more than two times

According to the National Tourism Administration, Data Center released the “first half of 2017 tourism statistics report”, the first half of the domestic tourism reception of 2 billion 537 million passengers, an increase of 13.5%. Domestic tourism revenue 2 trillion and 170 billion yuan, an increase of 15.8%. Compared to the National Bureau of statistics in the first half of 2017 macroeconomic operational data, domestic tourism revenue growth for the same period GDP growth rate of 6.9% times 2.28.

From the first half of the per capita consumption, domestic tourism spending per capita 855 yuan, and the per capita consumption expenditure of residents reached 8834 yuan, equivalent to nearly 1/10 Chinese consumer spending is spent on travel, if you count the outbound, this ratio will be higher.

Super Golden Week travel time is expected to reach 710 million

From the past ten years of data, the National Day Golden Week tourist population continued to grow rapidly, accounting for a large proportion in the tourism industry. 2017 National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday, is expected to travel trips will reach 710 million, an increase of 10%; tourism revenue will reach 590 billion yuan, an increase of 12.2%. Half of the Chinese will travel by way of a long vacation.

In 2017, the number of domestic tourists is expected to be 4 billion 880 million, the tourism income is 4 trillion and 400 billion yuan, the National Day vacation time, and the income share will exceed 13%, 14%.

Source: Nanfang Daily, twenty-first Century economy

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