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The Infamous Shenyang Sightseeing Bus

The Infamous Shenyang Sightseeing Bus

Have you ever seen this bus and wish to know how to get on it?

A friend asked me today, “hey man how do we get on this bus”, personally is too hot right now to ride a convertible bus this time of the year, but here is what we found on the internet for the Shenyang Sightseeing Bus, hope it helps. If you do have the motivation to ride, please take photos and keep us updated on the info to share with others.

The Shenyang Sightseeing bus was established and operated by the Shenyang tourism administration.

The lines start from the Liaoning Building and it takes you from the north of the city, via the Zhaoling,  Liaoning provincial Government, Tai Qing palace, Youth Park, and finally stops at the Olympian center in the South. With a total of 24 stops, the entire tour is about one hour and 30mins.

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