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The Legend of Four Stupas of Shenyang

The Legend of Four Stupas of Shenyang

The Legend of Four Stupas of Shenyang

The four towers (Buddhist Stupa), like most of Shenyang’s historical sites, were built around 1643 during the early Qing Dynasty when (Tibetan) Buddhism was the imperial religion. The towers symbolize the four Buddhist Heaven Kings, and originally marked the borders of the city. It is said that underneath Shenyang is turtle shaped rock, and if wasn’t for the four towers and the Centeral Lama Temple (Huang Si), the city would be troubled.

The four towers, aptly named “North Tower”, “South Tower”, “East Tower”, and “West Tower”, do in fact appear quite similar to each other. The towers themselves are white, bulb-shaped structures, with gold decoration on the top. Each one is surrounded by a small Buddhist temple. Reportedly the North Tower is the best restored and maintained tower.


Locations Details:

North Tower 北塔 běi tǎ:

This tower is probably the most popular tower among visitors. It is located on Wang Hua Jie (望花街), which is the same road as Xiao Bei Guan Jie (小北关街). It’s 2 km northeast of the North Train Station and 2-3 km southeast of Beiling Park. Coming from the city center, it’s on the way to the 9-18 Museum, so consider making a stop on the way there.

A little difficult to find, and you cannot take you bike in the gate. Within the gate is a HUGE prayer community.  There are small buildings around the tower that offer a place to pray and a few buildings are stores that sell jewelry, prayer items, and souvenirs. Around the tower, itself are golden statues, a room with a thousand candles, and other ornate items. This is by far the best maintained of the towers.

South Tower 南塔 nán tǎ:

South Tower is located in Shenhe District (沈河区) on Wencui Lu (文萃路) just behind Shoe City.

Sits in a park with a wall around it, no obvious way to get right up to the tower though. The park is beautiful though.

West Tower 西塔 xī tǎ:

The area surrounding the West Tower is known as “Korea Town”, and is home to a large population of Koreans, as well as many Korean bars, restaurants, massage parlors, etc. click for more info on “Korea Town”. The tower is at the east end of Shifu Road, at the beginning of Xi Ta Korea street.

this one was secure and not accessible. The front doors are large and it is hard to miss this tower. About a 10-15 minute walk from the Somerset.

East Tower 东塔

Right on the river so you cannot miss it. Open park area and you can walk right up to the tower. Several offerings, tokens, and small statues around this tower to look at.


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