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Top 10 Dating Spots in Shenyang

Top 10 Dating Spots in Shenyang

Love is the greatest refreshment in life. Everyone yearns for a passionate and vigorous love. Meeting someone is fate, and falling in love is out of anyone’s control. So how you have a head start on a true and eternal love journey? The first secret is to keep the romantic relationship fresh. However, expressing sweet words is no longer moving than holding her hands to a wonderful dating place. Recently, we’ve been asked to support our fans to find the best locations for a date in town so we have gathered the Top 10 dating places in Shenyang:

No.1 Shenyang TV Tower

The TV Tower is located on a colorful street in Heping District. Try to Imagine, dating in the highest position of Shenyang would be so exciting. Overlooking the beautiful landscape from the top of the tower, it seems that the whole city is a witness to your love. Especially on Christmas Eve, lovers sit beside the window, enjoy a candlelight dinner, and looks at each other peacefully. Both the scenery and seats are changing due to the rotating floor, but the promises and hearts towards lovers are forever faithful.

Pros: Mid-budget and exciting 

Cons: If your date is afraid of heights

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